Repair Center

Almost 60 % of system failures curtail from improper installation, lack of maintenance or incorrect handling of equipment.

To reduce such unplanned maintenance and avoid unnecessary breakdown, Kuster’s Maintenance and Repair Services manages critical system checks furnishing effective timely repairs while ensuring continuity of critical operations.

We know how crucial it is for your equipment to function 100% as expected, without undesirable astonishments that add to your downtime and hinder your schedule. Thus, we have taken keen initiative in building a team of trained experts in the use, care and maintenance of our products.

Our dedicated Repair Hubs in Pollachi and Mumbai is equipped to fulfil your maintenance & repair request with certified quality standards. Our proven expertise in carrying out a wide range of repairs, including product maintenance, full calibration, cleaning and engineered component repair at the PCB level, in our well-equipped repair centers help you minimize your downtime.

We also provide assistance during unplanned shutdowns to get equipment back up and optimize your process and achieve your shutdown window. We ensure quality craftsmanship by providing professional repairs and installations of our products. OEMs can make use of our repair hubs for repairing of their spares and components. We have the capability to undertake the repair of any machine that is electromechanical in nature driven by software.

Call the Toll free Number to log your repair request and get a quick support.