Air Sterilizer

  • AIR BAR - 1
  • AIRBAR uses high power professional UVC Lamps used in air conditioning ducts to kill virus bacteria and fungus. The filter free design eliminates the necessity for periodic HEPA filter changes as in other Air Purifiers when they get choked due to dirt accumulation. Elevated installation on the wall also ensures dust does not enter into the equipment. So that the microbes kill efficiency is constant throughout it usage.
  • The NABL certified kill rate of AIRBAR-1 is 75 percentage for a 10 cubic feet room in 30 mins.
  • The NABL certified kill rate of AIRBAR-2 is 95 percentage for a 10 cubic feet room in 30 mins. Running the AIRBAR longer will ensures 100 percentage kill rate of all kinds of virus including Corona Virus bacteria and fungus.
  • The salient feature of the AIRBAR is that the equipment is safe to use when the occupants are in the room as our patented technology contains the UVC radiation within the metal shield. There is no UVC radiation outside the equipment.
  • AIRBAR is easy to install and can be installed within minutes like a photo frame.


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