Aerem 100

Air Sterilizer

  • The innovative product incorporating cutting edge technology is specially developed for the efficient killing of bacteria and viruses that exist in the air. It has a small and exquisite appearance and is suitable for areas like homes offices cars and elevators.
  • Through five kinds of high-tech features such as Ultraviolet-C rays O2 reactive Oxygen Nano-level photo catalyst Negative ion generator Activated Charcoal filter using Chemical crushing method and electronic smashing technology. It can efficiently kill various bacteria and viruses. Added function offered is Aroma Therapy.
  • Through the negative ion generator and Activated Charcoal filter various harmful substances such as formaldehyde and related substances smoke are converted into dioxide or water. The air is purified to protect eyesight remove mold odour and give you fresh air.


Kusters Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Syntech International, The Netherlands with their own registered office in Mumbai, India since 2001 and acts as a Regional Sales and Service hub. The philosophy of each and every “Kusters” systems and products is based on an optimal level of operational reliability, safety, an outstanding norm in security and environmental awareness. At “Kusters” we are always driven by customer excellence and customer delight. This passion of customer centric approach is visible in most of our product development due to it’s secure and cost effective solutions incorporating unique capabilities. All our products are designed for the highest degree of productivity, efficiency and hassle free performance. Our PAN India service set up ensures Unmatched and prompt after- sales service in the event of need with a central service call login facility. Mobile application for live feeds from site and live service status on the web application. We have partnered with the Miraj group for sales and service support of AEREM100 “the virus hunter” manufactured by the RRP S4E innovation pvt. Ltd.